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Stone Mountain Farm was purchased by the Rolfe family in 1963. The farm was a working dairy farm up until the 1950's. When the Rolfe's purchased the farm, the main crop produced was hay. It wasn't until the farm was purchased Joseph and Cindy Rolfe in 2009, that it was converted into a high-density apple orchard. 

Unlike traditional apple orchards, high-density trees focus on growing the fruit, not the tree. The trees are supported by a trellis system which consists of large posts and wires, similar to a vineyard. The trellis supports the weight of the fruit as the trees produce early. High-density trees produce fruit as early as one year after planting. Whereas standard trees need five to seven years before they begin producing apples. 


High-density orchards are planted three feet by eleven feet and can fit up to 1,300 trees per acre! Another advantage to high-density trees is that the majority of the fruit can be reached without ladders. 


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